*American Bedding is a Commercial Supplier.
*We do not Sell Products for Home Use.


q What is ticking?
A Ticking is the term used in the mattress industry for the outside cover of the mattress, whether it be cloth or vinyl.
q What is American Bedding's policy on custom sizes?

Our company policy is that if you are ordering a special size cover or mattress, we require that the customer sign off on the size they are ordering. Please measure carefully when ordering custom size mattress covers.
*American Bedding will not accept product returns for custom size covers or mattresses.

q How should I clean my mattress?

This is probably the most frequently asked question, and the answer depends on the specific product.  We will strive to address some of the more common situations:  Our recommendation for cleaning vinyl is to use a liquid anti-bacterial soap, like liquid Dial Soap or other antibacterial cleaners.  The soap will disinfect and clean; spraying with Lysol will also help in disinfecting the mattress. Try to avoid using cleaners with chlorine, like bleach. The chlorine will dry out the vinyl, making it brittle, therefore, reducing the life of the finished product. Spray cleaners like Formula 409 or Simple Green works well on the SofLux OX nylon fabrics as well as vinyl.


How do I put on a replacement cover?

A Remove old cover from mattress if it is a foam core mattress. Lay the foam core on a table. With a person on each side of the mattress stuff the core into the cover. Make sure that both people push at the same time.  One of our customers said that he removes the pull tab from the zipper and puts a spot of Super Glue behind the zipper glide when closed; this prevents the cover from being removed, or campers from hiding any camp contraband.
q What if I receive damaged or short freight?

Always check your freight when receiving; count the number of pieces and look for damage.  If damage or shortage is evident, mark the receiving slip while the driver is there.  Call American Bedding to report the damage or shortage.  We will require a copy of the signed delivery slip showing the shipment was received damaged or short.  Note the trucker's copy must also show that the shipment was received damaged or short or we won't be able to submit a freight claim.  If the above criteria are met, American Bedding will handle the paperwork for you and see that your damaged product is replaced.  Our customer service is only a call away.

q Do I have to buy guard rails?

American Bedding is mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to supply guard rails with 30" bunk beds.  If the bed can only be used as a bunk bed, then guard rails come as part of the bed.  If a 30" bed is demountable you can purchase a single surface, which does not require a guard rail. All of the bunks that we sell, whether it be our military style metal bunk beds or our wooden bunk beds, are designed for guardrails. 

Note:  We strongly recommend that guard rails be used in bunk configurations. Guard rails go a long way towards keeping an individual in bed, thus preventing harmful injuries to residents.

American Camp Association requires that guardrails be used on all bunks. This is a requirement for accreditation. For more info on guardrails go to the ACA website at http://www.acacamps.org/publicpolicy/bunkbeds.php .

q What is your return policy?

If you must return an item or shipment, you must obtain authorization from our customer service personnel.  All returned shipments must arrive prepaid.  American Bedding will not accept any collect freight shipments.  Just as you demand quality from us, we require any returned items to be in resalable condition.  If not, the credit we give will reflect the resale value of the item.

*American Bedding reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee on all products.
* We do not accept returns for custom size items.

q What does it cost to ship?
A Our customer service will be happy to provide you with a freight estimate.  We need to know what item(s) and the quantity of those items along with the ship-to address of town, state, and zip code in order to provide you with a freight estimate.
q Can I have it shipped to my home?
A We do not sell mattresses and bunk beds to the residential/home user.
q How to order?

1. Call our toll free number 1-800-203-2507
2. Print out the order form from our web site and fax the order in.
We accept credit cards: VISA, M/C, AMEX, and Discover
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q Can I order online?
A We do not have online ordering at this time.
q What is the difference between SofLux OX and vinyl?
A SofLux OX is a 210 denier nylon that has been coated on the back side of the material with a polyurethane coating to make it waterproof. The formulation of the coating also allows the fabric to breath. The advantages of SofLux over vinyl are:

Advantages of SOFlux OX over vinyl:

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is constructed of three different layers of material. A layer of vinyl then a layer of mesh (know as scrim), this give the vinyl strength, then another layer of vinyl. The three layers go through a process to laminate them together.
Both vinyl and SofLux OX meet Cal 117 fire specifications
q Where our beds and mattresses used?
A Our metal bunk beds, wooden bunk beds, folding cots, dorm beds, and mattresses are used in a variety of facilities.
  • Camp Facilities
  • Church Camps
  • College Dorm Room
  • Military Housing
  • Housing for Migrant Workers
  • Resident Hall Facilities
  • Beds for Shelters
  • Cots for FEMA and Emergency Housing
  • Beds for Portable Housing
  • Juvenile Homes
  • Replacement Dorm Mattress
  • Hunting Camps
  • Army Barracks Mattress
  • Industrial Foam Mattress
  • Institutional Foam Mattress
  • Disaster Relief Mattress
q What is a bed bug proof mattress or bed bug proof mattress cover?
A In a conventional mattress the tape edge seams protrude out from the top and bottom edges of the mattress allowing a harbor for bed bugs. The mattress may or may not have an entry or opening big enough for bed bugs to crawl through and hide. In a bed bug proof mattress design the tape edges or seams are not present but turned to the inside of the mattress creating a smooth 'inverted seam' with no outside tape edges or seams present for the bed bugs to hide under. The tight stitching and fluid proof fabric are designed to keep bed bugs from penetrating the mattress with NO openings big enough for bed bug penetration. *Note: We have Bed Bug Proof Designs
Bed Bug Proof / What are Bed Bugs?
q Methods of payment?
A Credit Card ( VISA, M/C, AMEX, Discover)
Wire Transfer